Pehlu Khan, Lynched In Rajasthan In 2017. Now, A Charge-sheet Against Him

Pehlu Khan was beaten to death on the Jaipur-Delhi road in April 2017, when he and his sons were carrying cows they had bought at a cattle fair in Jaipur and settled in Haryana.

A charge was filed against a dairy farmer, beaten to death in April 2017 by guards of the cow, and his sons for transporting cattle allegedly without authorization in Rajasthan.

Pehlu Khan

Pehlu Khan and his two sons were carrying cows they had bought at a cattle fair in Jaipur, the state capital, at their home in Haryana. They were stopped on the Jaipur-Delhi highway by cow guards and severely beaten. A video on a cell phone showed that Pehlu Khan was neck-lifted, thrown to the ground and kicked. Mr. Khan died in the hospital two days later.

Two first information reports (FIRs) were filed in this case, one against eight people allegedly lynching the dairy farmer and the other against him and his sons for transporting cattle allegedly without the authorization of the tax collector. district.

The latest indictment was filed by the Rajasthan government in the second FIR. The case against Pehlu Khan will be closed because he is dead but will continue against his sons.

The prosecution accuses Pehlu Khan of committing wrongful acts under several articles of law in Rajasthan aimed at protecting the slaughter and smuggling of livestock.

The eight defendants are released on bail and two of them are untraceable.

Irshad Khan, the son of Pehlu Khan who was with him at the time of his attack, told the media in April 2017, “I was with my father, these men called by name, and these men arrested us first. and started to hit us. ”

“We showed them some papers (to prove they were not smuggling cows), but they tore them up and started beating us,” said Irshad Khan. “They killed my father in front of me, there is no point in me being alive,” he said.

Source: NDTV

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