No more, hello Google data center in your pocket

Google Assistant now comes at lightning fast that tapping a phone looks slow!

No more, hello Google

Assistant is ten times faster and can do everything just with your voice. You can give instructions to the phone from opening a map to having a car booked on to taking a selfie without saying ‘Ok Google’ again and again. Assistant can even reply to SMS with photos that were deeply hidden in your photos. With Assistant, you can even compose an email by dictation including ‘set subject to XYZ’.

Google Assistance


By moving AI models onto the device, we’re envisioning a paradigm shift… zero latency, and actions like opening the flashlight will work offline.

- Scott Hoffman
Google Picks For You
Google Assistant ‘ Picks for You’ is a complete customization feature where it can give personalized results in search, or get answers to what’s the traffic to ‘mom’s place’ or ‘sons birthday’ where it knows your personal preferences, people and places.
Picks For You

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