New Delhi, JNN In the last moment of the IPL 25 match between Chennai and Rajasthan in IPL 2019, CSK captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni did what was contrary to the game spirit. Dhoni got punishment for this and he also accepted his mistake. Dhoni, who is a player of his stature and is known for his behavior, looks different from him in this match. Everyone was surprised to see this form of Dhoni and was wondering what such annoyance of the world’s coolest captain is.

Now, just know about that incident. In the second innings, the last over was throwing Ben Stokes off Rajasthan. This was the fourth ball of the last over and he was batting against Ben Santnar. Ben’s ball slower was Fullus, who was taller than Saturn’s waist and he played it on Long On. Standing on the bowler’s end, the umpire Ulhaas Gandhe termed this ball as no ball but leg-umpire Bruce Oxenford said that he did not make any such gesture and that is the right ball. This caused trouble for the excitement and he was pointing to his decision. During this period both batsmen Ravindra Jadeja and Santnar were also surprised that after the umpire changed their decision, why did the umpire change his decision? At the same time, Dhoni, who was present in the dugout, appeared first to speak out from the field and when he thought that no correct decision was taken, he came to the ground.

Talking to the umpire, talking to the umpire, affecting the game for some time, it was all wrong and the attention of the whole world became focused on this side but what about the umpire who gave birth to this controversy. If the umpires on the field were not able to make any right decision then they could get help from the third umpire. However, some former players, who were commenting on this, had to say that it was no ball. That is, after coming to the ground on Dhoni, the umpire’s mistake was hidden, which was clearly responsible for this incident, why no action was taken against him. The whole thing ended on Dhoni and they became villains.

This was the second major opportunity in this season when there was a dispute over any decision of the umpire. Earlier, during a match in Bangalore, the umpire did not pay attention to the last ball which was no ball and there was considerable controversy. The news came so far that Virat had spoken to the match referee after this and said that he was very bad. In this match, Dhoni only came to talk. Now the question arises whether the umpires are correct every time if they even make a wrong decision, A wrong decision of the umpire turns the match back and it has always been going on. In such a case, if the umpire makes a wrong decision, then he should get some punishment because the umpire is the biggest boss on the field and only because of this he has the right to do anything.

Source: Jagran

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