‘Decided to Stay with Congress’: Rebel Karnataka MLA Nagaraj Says He Will Withdraw Resignation

The ruling coalition between Congress and the JDS had stepped up its efforts to join the rebel deputies, a day after Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy announced his intention to seek a vote of confidence in the House.

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MLA MTB Rebels Congress Nagaraj, who earlier that day had signaled to reconsider his resignation after meeting party leader DK Shivakumar, stressed that he had decided to remain in the party again.

“Sudhakar (Rao) and I have given our resignation from the MLA position. Since morning, all leaders have asked me to remain in Congress. I have decided to stay at the party, “ANI news agency quoted him. “We will try to convince (Chikkaballapura MLA) Sudhakar (Rao) too and we will both take our resignation again.”

Nagaraj is the Minister of Housing in the 13-month-old JDS Congress coalition government. He was appointed minister on December 22 when the Cabinet was overhauled and expanded.

His comments came after a meeting with Chairman Minister HD Kumaraswamy and the leader of the Siddaramai state Legislative Congress (CLP). Nagaraj’s withdrawal will hardly make a difference, with other MLAs still standing firm to stop.

Earlier on Saturday, the ruling coalition intensified efforts to reach out to the rebel MLA after Kumaraswamy made a surprise announcement in the Assembly that he would seek a vote of confidence in the DPR.

Shivakumar’s “problem solver” Congress reached Nagaraj’s residence on Saturday morning and camped there for almost four and a half hours, trying to calm MLA Hoskote. Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara also reached Nagaraj’s house to convince him to withdraw.

“The situation was such that we submitted our resignation. But now DK Shivakumar and other congressional leaders have come here and asked me to withdraw my resignation, “Nagaraj said after meeting leaders.

Nagaraj, along with Shivkumar, Parmeshwar and Krishna Byre Gowda, also visited Siddaramaiah at his residence on Saturday afternoon.

Sudhakar is set to reportedly also join other rebels who live in a Mumbai hotel. The Congress leadership has also made efforts to persuade another MLA, said the source, adding Kumaraswamy himself was trying to persuade at least four MLA rebels from Congress to withdraw their resignation.

Earlier in the day, five MLA Congress-JDS approached the Supreme Court against KR Assembly Chair Ramesh Kumar for not accepting their resignation.

The five parliamentarians are Anand Singh, Munirathna, Roshan Baig, MTB Nagaraj, and K Sudhakar. They have sought the death sentence in a pending petition filed by 10 other MLA rebels where the hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

The BJP also raised bets and said it would press Kumaraswamy to seek a vote of confidence on Monday. BJP Head of State BS Yeddyurappa stressed that the coalition government had lost the majority and its collapse was imminent.

Trying to disrupt the peace efforts of the two coalition parties, a group of BJP leaders, led by MLA SR Vishwanath and Bengaluru corporate Padmanabha Reddy, met with seven times the MLA Ramalinga Reddy Congress at his residence.

Reddy declined to comment on the developments, saying he would not talk about politics until July 15 because he had to appear before the speaker, regarding his resignation. However, he said he would attend the assembly on Monday.

His daughter and MLA Congressman Sowmya Reddy said he had no information about the meeting.

Expressing confidence in winning the vote of trust, the state chairman of the Dinesh Gundu Congress Rao claimed that the BJP did not move a vote of no confidence because the party was unsure of the figures. “The government will survive and will continue under the leadership of Kumaraswamy. We will give a voice of trust, you can wait and see,” he added.

Source: News18

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