Cricket Fans Make a Splash With Memes as Rain Delays India-New Zealand Match

After winning three World Cup matches so far, the rain gods have nothing to say about the competition between India and New Zealand at Trent Bridge in Nottingham.

Cricket Fans Make a Splash With Memes as Rain Delays India-New Zealand Match 1

“India won the draw and decided to swim first.”

India and New Zealand are both undefeated in the current World Cup tournament with two and three wins respectively, but the decisive winner of the past two weeks is the frustration of the rains.

After Bangladesh and Sri Lanka joined the West Indies, South Africa, and Sri Lanka against Pakistan in the abandoned match club, the rain gods did not show much pity in the highly anticipated Indo-New Zealand clash at Nottingham on Thursday at Trent Bridge. If the contest is faded (fingers crossed), the rain will be at the top of the points table with 8 points.

This is the curiosity of Indian fans about the weather. Typing the letter “N” on the Google search will show the results of the “weather in Nottingham”.

And the current news coming from the ground is not good: the rain is back, as well as the covers. The draw was also delayed.

Despite the fear of the worst, anxious cricket fans back in India are hiding behind memes and well-deserved humor.


Source: News18 

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