After Key Congress Leader Quits, A Flurry Of Resignations

Rahul Gandhi, who announced his decision to resign as head of the Congress following his disastrous performance in the national elections, expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that none of the leaders of the state assumed his responsibilities.

Rahul Gandhi

The main leaders of the Congress resigned following the example of Vivek Tankha, the Rajya Sabha member who left the party post to leave “Rahul Gandhi” hands-free. “Two incumbent presidents of the party in Delhi and Telangana and 120 other members of the office across the country filed their papers, many of whom said they would not withdraw their resignation until Rahul Gandhi promised to stay at the head of Congress.

The head of the Congress – who announced his decision to leave the party’s post after his disastrous performance in the national elections – had previously expressed his dissatisfaction that none of the heads of state had taken responsibility.

At a meeting with leaders of the Haryana Congress yesterday, Mr. Gandhi said he had stopped “assuming full responsibility” for the party’s defeat. “I can not ask others to resign too, it’s up to them to decide if they want to take their responsibilities,” he told the leaders.

Last night, Mr. Tankha resigned from his position as chairman of the party’s human rights and legal affairs unit and asked others to follow his example.

“We should all submit our resignations to party positions and leave Rahul-ji free to choose his team, and I welcome Mr. Kamal Nath’s statement to that effect.” The party can not afford a stalemate. for too long, “he said on Twitter.

“Rahul-ji, please make radical changes to revive the party as a fighting force, you have commitment and determination, you just have to build an effective, acceptable and influential national team. in all situations, “Tankha said.

Taking responsibility for the defeat, Delhi Congress Committee Chairman Rajesh Lilothia and Chairman of the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee, Poonam Prabhakar, resigned from their respective positions.

“Many members of the AICC office have also taken responsibility for the electoral debacle and resigned from office. The responsibility does not end with the only president of Congress, Rahul Gandhi,” said a senior official Congress.

The resignation of Mr. Gandhi announced a few days after the results of the national poll was not accepted by the party. But he refused to reconsider despite repeated calls. A final decision should be made at a scheduled working committee meeting.

Source: NDTV

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